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Complete, modern marketing services for small businesses on a budget, including intelligent strategy development, creative and deployment. We offer everything from consultation to full service options. We have a complete services toolbox.

Matthew Jensen
Founder of JensenWorks & Go AR Technologies, Inc. (Maxogram)

An entrepreneur since the nineties, a lifelong creative and student of marketing and technology, Matthew Jensen is a dreamer of the highest order. Described in a myriad of terms by friends and family as the genuine article and the salt of the earth, Matthew relishes any opportunity …

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Here are some highlights from the testimonials of a few of the friends we’ve made during our journey of creating…

  • “we have literally blown up 500% from where we started”
  • “Matthew isn’t satisfied with just status quo – he has new and innovative ideas to make our marketing fun and current”
  • “focused, detail-oriented”
  • “a polished professional”
  • “I had high expectations and Matthew most definitely surpassed them”
  • “passionate and dedicated to (his) craft”
  • “knowledge, speed and quality of service”
  • “exceptional team player”
  • “done at a fast pace with no questions asked”
  • “(our company) would most definitely not be where it is without the amazing help and work (Matthew) does”
  • “we would be lost without (Matthew)”
  • “(you) are getting the best of the best”
  • “I consider myself very lucky to have worked with (Matthew)”

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