New to Android? Get Up to Speed Fast!

Some apps come pre-installed on some devices while others need to be obtained from the Google Play Store. In our experience, the following apps are going to get you well on your way to an even more fruitful and exciting Android experience!


Naturally if your Android device is a phone, your primary use for it is going to be communication, but sometimes a phone call just isn’t enough. You want video calling? You got it! Here’s our selections for additional communication apps that you may wish to consider.

» Hangouts

» Skype

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Of course, there will be times when you have time to kill or you’d just like a little “you” time. For times like this, we recommend the following games.

» Agent Dash

» Flappy Bird Flappy Bird apk 😉

» One Epic Knight

» Temple Run 2

» Words with Friends

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» Zombirds


Video and music are easy to come by these days, but these apps take things to the next level. Looking for a quick music playlist for while you carve the pumpkin this Halloween? Songza has a playlist for that. They have a playlist for everything!

» Netflix

» Songza

» YouTube

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Live Wallpaper

Did you know that you don’t need to have a static photo as the background wallpaper on your device? It’s true, you can have motion! There are lots of Live Wallpapers available, but this one in particular really takes the cake in our opinion.

» Alien Shapes


Pulse is quite possibly “the only news app you need”. You call the shots: choose categories and sources you are interested in and Pulse does the rest, bringing you only the news you care about.

» Pulse

Peace of Mind

NOTE: This is a paid service, but it is well worth it. Case and point: In our house we have 5 Android phones, 4 Android tablets, 2 PCs, a Notebook and a Media Server, each of which at any point ends up having files (particularly photos) on it. With Bitcasa installed on each of these and a subscription to Bitcasa the INSTANT a new file comes into existence, it is safely stored in the cloud. No memories lost. Ever.

» Bitcasa

Photo Editing

Although the built-in photo editing capabilities of your device are nothing short of incredible, still, there are a couple of things that it can’t do without a little help: add depth of field and create a collage. Enter the following apps. NOTE: AfterFocus takes a tiny bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will fall head over heels in love with it. It’s SO good that we went for the ad-free version within a day.

» AfterFocus

» Photo Grid


Need to make a quick note? Google Keep has your back. Need to make a not-so-quick note, or a note that lets you add formatting, like bolding and changing the color of text? Evernote has you covered. Need to make a reminder to do something? Revel at the beauty of! And last, but certainly not least, what if, based on knowing your location, or connecting to a particular WiFi or Bluetooth, your phone automatically knew what setting changes to make…all by itself? Think it’s impossible? Think again. Trigger knows, for example, once you’ve set it up once for each scenario, when you’re in your car, for example, based on the Bluetooth it has connected to. From there, because you like Songza to fire up and immediately start playing your favourite playlist, Trigger just automatically does it for you. NFC tags are where trigger can really make things easy. Not sure what NFC tags are? Head over to tagstand.


» Evernote

» Keep

» Trigger

Remote Control

» AirDroid

Access everything on your phone from your PC in the slickest way imaginable. Grab files from your phone, put files on your phone. Couldn’t be easier.

» TeamViewer

Out and about and need something from your PC? TeamViewer remote control gives you that ability. You can actually log in to and see your PC screen and control it with the touch screen of your phone, no matter where you are.

» Xbox 360 SmartGlass

If you have an Xbox you may find it a little more convenient to navigate non-game aspects using something a little more intuitive than your Xbox controller. This is where this drop dead gorgeous app comes in.


The default ringtones and notification tones on your smartphone are good…but who wants good when you could have GREAT! Zedge has about a bazillion awesome (and some not so much, but hey) ringtones and notification tones, searchable, categorized, easy, awesome. Your android is insanely customizable, so why not take a minute to customize your ringtones and notification tones too? Yes, you should 🙂

» Zedge


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» Barcode Scanner

Having a barcode scanner comes in most handy when you encounter a QR Code but this can scan virtually every type of barcode and take you places, like, to product information pages.

» Key Ring

Petro Points, Sobeys Club, Safeway Club, Airmiles, etc. GONE! Well, moved. Scan these cards into the Key Ring app then the Key Ring app BECOMES the card, displaying the scannable barcode when you need it. Lighten your physical load in your wallet or purse and try the Key Ring app to handle the heavy lifting required to carry all of those cool membership and rewards cards.

Don’t forget, you can also beam from device-to-device, take screenshots and oh so much more! Have a question about your Android? Ask us anything!

Are you an Android Pro? Think we missed something? Perhaps we added something that shouldn’t be here? Let us know!