Important Changes for JensenWorks in 2017


Make no mistake about it, we are still as in love with what we do now as we were when it was just a dream to be doing it over 20 years ago. We have made a lot of friends over the years, many of whom have become like family. There are no words to truly express how grateful we are for that.

Alas, there comes a time every once in awhile when the importance of separating business and personal becomes paramount, and for us, this is typically as we enter each new year. As times change and growth is experienced, it is often easy to get caught up in the day-to-day shuffle and not address any of any lingering challenges. At JensenWorks, we have always made it our goal to improve in these areas and operate with total transparency year-over-year with little adjustments that have proven to improve the overall experience both for us, and for our customers.

This past year saw the termination of our last remaining “free” hosting account, and further movement towards completely eliminating both “grandfathered” and “negotiated” deals. These were agreements that certainly worked at the time they were agreed upon, but have since become unsustainable and make for increased time consumption on our end just to keep track of them. Also, because it has unfortunately been our experience that the “big ideas” that we have bought into, and traded untold hours of services and resource in kind for, have – in 20+ years so far – all proven fruitless. This, and in part due to increased overhead on account of embracing a new home for our hosting services which brings with it greater reliability, substantially increased website speed, and more reliable, faster email management, there are a few changes that we are implementing as of January 1, 2017. The more streamlined things are for us, the better we can manage our time. The better we can manage our time, the quicker we can deliver the best possible work, in the shortest period of time to you, our customers.

We stand by what we do, and we know our value. Do we fall short sometimes? Yes, everyone does. But when we do, we make it right, and we always try to do so in a manner exceeding expectations.

All that being said, these changes are as follows, effective immediately (click to view expanded details):

  1. Hourly Rate Increasing from $100 to $120
  2. Discontinuation of Any and All Special or Discounted Hourly Rates*
  3. Domain Name Renewal Reimbursements Now Flat Rate of $35
  4. Minimum Deposit of $250 CAD Required on All Non-estimated Jobs
  5. No Work First/Pay Later Allowances
  6. No Service-For-Service or Service-For-Product Exchanges
  7. Hosting Increase from $4.95 per month to $7.95 (Non-hosted, managed only websites will remain at $4.95 per month)
  8. Incurred Payment Processing Fee Reimbursement (per policy of last 2 years) Strictly Enforced
  9. (Coming Soon) PCI Compliant Credit Card Information Storage For Ensured Balance Payment Processing Strictly Enforced
  10. “Rush” Orders Subject to “Rush” Prepayment

Agree? Disagree? Whatever your stance on the above, you have a voice, and we are always willing to listen. Feel free to let us know your thoughts using the form below, if you so choose.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to a truly exceptional 2017 working with you!

*Work completed prior to January 1, 2017 will still be billed at agreed rate.