Cool Android App – Unified Remote

I have been playing with this incredible app on my Android devices lately, applicable to any PC user, but of particular benefit to anyone who, like us, has a media-connected home.

Combined with the app “aVia”, unified remote turns any android device into the ultimate remote or rather “remotes”.

In a nutshell, you install the lightweight unified remote server on any PC you want to be able to control with an Android device and then install the unified remote app on any and all of your Android devices. You now have a portable “touch pad” and keyboard that can be used to control any PC running the server.

I can literally be using my phone to control my office PC in the basement, go upstairs and use the same app to control my living room PC, put my phone on the charger and later, if I want to do something else, pick up my Android tablet off the coffee table and control it with that. I leave and my wife can take over with the same app on her Android phone!

And that’s just with the free version!

Next I’ll be telling you about aVia, but it would be well worth your time to just find it in the Google Play store and try it out. Again, for a media-connected home this is an AWESOME addition!