DIY WordPress Website

DIY WordPress Website

UPDATED: 2016/12/17

Using the tutorials below, in about an hour you will learn how to install WordPress*, configure it, customize it, edit pages & menus, link to social media, and just generally fine tune things. The final tutorial also includes an introduction to marketing best practices. This is by far the most comprehensive, easiest-to-follow method for building your own WordPress website from the beginning, or jumping in at any stage along the way. It may SEEM overwhelming, but just give it a try and you will probably be sweetly surprised to see how easy it is and find out that you CAN do it!

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Before You Get Started

Choosing Your Name

General Tutorials

How to Install WordPress

Basic WordPress Setup

Advanced WordPress Setup

Customizing Your Website

Adding & Editing Pages

Editing Menus

Adding and Editing Social Media Icons

Editing the Footer and Widgets

Fine-Tuning & Marketing Part 1

Total Time: 1:08:59
* Requires cPanel with WordPress Installer

Optional Tutorials

How to Edit Hosts File

More Tutorials

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