Help! Google Indexed My WordPress Site with No Description!

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If you are experiencing the challenge of Google having indexed your site, but only the title and not the description, the following solution may work for you, as it did for me, to get re-indexed properly without waiting:

– Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools (Account Required)

– verify your site using the HTML tag (alternate) method


– install the “Add to Header” plugin


– paste the meta tag that Google Webmaster Tools gave you into the Add to Header settings and save the changes


– complete the verification process through Google Webmaster Tools

– go to the Fetch as Google section under Crawl in Google Webmaster Tools

– click the Fetch button

– click Submit to index

– give it just a moment (maybe even 2 or 3 minutes) then return to Google and search for your website. You should find that it has been re-indexed accordingly!

If you’ve tried the above and something didn’t work, or if you just don’t have time, we can certainly help! Give us a call, or Contact Us today.