While most users will be more than covered by Level 1 Hosting, we offer additional packages for users requiring more space or bandwidth. Over 90% of our hosting clients are using less than 1 GB of Disk Space.

Level 1 Hosting

Feature Included
Disk Space 1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 6 GB
Price $4.95

Level 2 Hosting

Feature Included
Disk Space 2 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 12 GB
Price $9.95

Level 3 Hosting

Feature Included
Disk Space 3 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 24 GB
Price $18.95

All Packages Include

  • 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring
  • 24/7 Change Detection Monitoring


  • All packages for use hosting WordPress-based websites only.
  • Prices, Features and Included amounts subject to change without notice.
  • Video and MP3 file hosting is not permitted. (Embedding is permitted.)

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