Hot Plugin

If you’ve thought about this (as we have) and wondered if there is a way…good news…there is! How often do you forego sharing a video on your WordPress website simply because it is too cumbersome to locate a good image to accompany it? We do it all the time. Get in. Get out. Sometimes this is the way we want to share something quick. And in that light, here is the plugin that does just that.

It’s called “Automatic Featured Images from Videos” and in its simplest form, I tested it using a personal video on our personal WordPress blog, which was simply a post title and a YouTube video link (note: WordPress now auto-embeds videos too), so I entered the title, pasted the link to the video, then hit publish. Upon completion, it had automatically retrieved the image for the video AND set it as the Featured Image. I proceeded to test the Open Graph usage (sharing to Facebook, would the thumbnail image appear?) Yes!

So, for those quick video shares, there is now a very nice solution, you just need to have the plugin installed!