How to Find Out if Your Account Has Been Compromised in a Data Breach

lockGenerally, there are lots of ways that you will be notified or in some way become aware of a data breach, such as unauthorized access to your Google, Facebook or Adobe account, but just to be sure, there is now a tool that you can use to check for sure, using just your email address.

The following website lets you enter your email address and will report back to you whether or not your account has been included in a breach or not. Basically, it checks to see if your email address appears on any of the top, available lists of breached accounts.

Here is the link to see if your email address is associated with a breach:

If your email address has been associated with a breach with Adobe, follow the steps on the following page:

Even if you think you haven’t been breached it doesn’t hurt to check. I checked all of my email addresses and one showed up, but it was one that I was aware of and had already taken steps to address. But it was there, thus confirming, at least for me, that this system does indeed work. Try it for yourself, see if there is anything showing up and if there is take immediate action.

If you need help, contact us and we will see what we can do.