How to Get Views on YouTube Fast in 2012

December 19, 2012

Getting views on youtube or learning how to get TONS of views on YouTube fast is something I get asked about a LOT! So how do you get YouTube views? Take this video for example (NOTE: Parental Advisory). Watch it for at least a minute to understand the scope of it and see how much “viral video” possibility it’s literally SEETHING with (which is a lot). The maker of this potentially viral youtube video, McFee, does all of these crazy and insane stunts, like lighting himself on fire and doing four story jumps off moving vehicles driving over bridges, into a shallow river! This video SHOULD be a 2012 youtube viral video sensation! Yet it’s not. Not even close. It’s been online since September and it’s only just crested the 5-digit mark. Why? Is it because the content is too risque? Is it because it’s really not that good? Are the ladies not pretty enough? Ok, ok, we know THAT’S not the case, so what is it?

If you haven’t yet, watch the video below and continue reading after the jump:

There are lots of “options” out there, like, for example, PAYING FOR VIEWS, however, there is nothing to gain by doing this except having a higher number of views, and what we really want is our “15 minutes of fame” so that we can parlay that opportunity into hopefully a career!

In our quest for views, we have tried everything: Posting the YouTube Video to Facebook, Posting the video to Twitter, even posting the video to Digg (or Reddit – it was one of the two), but we are still not suddenly “going viral” after 3 weeks (at the time of this writing). Here’s how the stats break down:

Nov 27: 9,049 9:47 AM
Nov 30: 9,157 7:46 AM
Dec 4: 9,245 1:03 AM
Dec 7: 9,402 8:58 AM
Dec 12: 9,593 9:28 AM
Dec 18: 9,971 12:29 AM
Dec 18: 9,984 1:09 AM
Dec 18: 10,012 9:29 PM
Dec 19: 10,058 10:24 PM

Nothing special. 3 weeks, an average of 330 views a week, 48 views a day, 2 views an hour. Down from averaging almost 5 views an hour before we started marketing it, which was, admittedly, 11 weeks after the video was posted to YouTube. We are now entering the 15th week of life for this youtube video and still no sign of increased views. Still GETTING views, which is good, but nothing notable has happened yet. Or has it? In a 40 minute period on December 18, 2012, we saw the video jump by 13 views in 40 minutes. That’s 20 views an hour!

So what happened? Nothing yet. But we’re about to see what happens with this very post as it, like the one done on December 18, is going to be syndicated within a small network within minutes of this initial post.

How did you get here? We’d love to know. If you were looking for the secret to getting more YouTube views, sorry to disappoint, but it remains as elusive as ever at this time, to us anyway.

Good luck in your quest!