How to Include a High Quality Thumbnail For Sharing YouTube Videos Embedded on Your WordPress Website

If you’ve posted a video to your WordPress-based website and want to share the video FROM your site as opposed to sharing it from YouTube, you need to ensure that you have a thumbnail image that sites such as Facebook can pick up to include with the link. To get this thumbnail, use the following:

Where is the ID of your video. This is highlighted in bold in the following address:

Download this image to your computer, then go to your blog post via the WordPress Dashboard and locate the Set featured image link for the post and click it.

Click Upload Files on the Set Featured Image page, click the Select Files button, locate the image you want to use and double click it or click the Open button.

Click the Set Featured Image button, Publish or Update the post and you’re set!

NOTE: In some cases, the URL of the page you are sharing may be too long for sites such as Facebook to properly retrieve the associated thumbnail. We recommend that you use a URL shortener in these cases. Our shortener of choice is Google’s own If you use this while logged in to your Google Account, you will not only get the shortened URL, but you will also get to track the clicks, which is a nice plus.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us. We will help you and we will update this page at the same time for the benefit of others.