Proposed John Dough Looking for Somebody Video Marketing Strategy

Goal 200,000 views / 5,000 iTunes Sales
Due November 30, 2014

Twitter/Facebook Strategy

  • Tweets that encourage viewing, retweeting and video sharing by viewers.
  • No use of the phrase “check out”
  • Use of calls to action, such as, “This video proves that hip hop can still just be fun!” or, “Did you know that the dancers in this video were …”, or, “I wonder if Billy Bob Thornton has seen this yet!” (Billy Bob Thornton was the star of the movie Fargo. Fargo is now a TV series being filmed near Calgary. Some of the crew involved in the John Dough video shoot are the same film crew that work on the show Fargo.) Or anything else along these lines, where the content of the tweet is intentionally engaging.
  • Pre-scheduled posts using a service like HootSuite. I recommend Buffer (
  • Posts should be done as or with images as much as possible for increased engagement
  • Use Twitter Trends to work in trends into tweets (posts)
  • How would you guys promote this video?
  • What do you guys think the girl’s name who’s belly button you see is?
  • YouTube Strategy

    1. Use of annotations and “watch next” feature on existing videos to draw people to the new video.
    2. Use of annotations to encourage iTunes purchase

    Website Strategy

    1. Embed video using responsive method
    2. Convert website to WordPress when funding permits
    3. NOTE: Website is not currently mobile-friendly – this is not ideal

    All Strategies

    1. Create a unique short URL for each strategy so that individual strategy performance can be tracked and disseminated
    2. Assuming you’re a member of TuneCore or CD Baby, any track that is available on iTunes is also available on Amazon, CD Baby and Google Play Music – this should be exploited as not everyone uses iTunes.