Managing with Mobile

Managing a WordPress-based website using a mobile device is a lot easier than you might think, at least, that’s the case with Android, of which, I run many devices (sorry Apple lovers).

In fact, this very post is being written, sitting comfortably in my living room, with only my phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) using the WordPress for Android app, connected seamlessly with my self-hosted WordPress – based website.

In fact, using personal, private family blogs that I contribute to, I have been uploading images and videos with even greater ease for several weeks now.

If you run a WordPress website, whether through or self-hosted, the WordPress app is your ticket to being able to update more (and more often) with even more comfort!

If you run a self-hosted blog, I also highly recommend the “Update Notifier” WordPress plugin. In 2 seconds you will have a plugin installed and configured to let you know via email when the WordPress core, themes or plugins are updated.

So when I check my email on my device, I click one link to get in (once admin access password has been saved of course), click another link to update … and I’m done! It takes less than an occasional minute here and there to keep your WordPress website up-to-date and loaded with the latest versions of plugins and themes at all times!

It couldn’t be easier!