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I am asked about this probably more than anything and the benefit of putting it all down here once and for all is intended to serve a dual purpose. First, I will be able to refer to it, thus saving myself a lot of time answering it fully every time I am asked and the second is it will serve as a place for an always refined and up-to-date answer about what marketing is, what it isn’t and why it’s important.

Last Updated: February 19, 2016

Here are some of the key rules to remember when it comes to marketing:

  • First thing’s first: without marketing you may as well not be in business.
  • The other first thing to know: when it comes to marketing there is absolutely no guarantee that any idea will actually work.
  • Being at the top of Google is SUPER important if your goal is simply “to be at the top of Google”. If you want to be at the top of Google because you believe your business will swell once you get there, it won’t.
  • An incredible idea with little to no marketing will most likely fail.
  • A terrible idea with often just a little marketing effort will most likely excel.
  • If your marketing endeavor involves marketing the same thing that lots of other people are already marketing you have no choice but to stand out in whatever way you can.
  • Just because you saw it on someone else’s website absolutely does not mean it is a good idea, the right thing to do, or even works for them. Best to be original.
  • If you can’t afford to pay a marketing firm, you must learn to do it yourself. Learning marketing takes a LOT of time. Marketing takes an ENORMOUS amount of time. Effective marketing is expensive because it takes time.
  • If you have established a name for your business (your identity) but you are not planning on or interested in securing a domain name and username (ideally matching ones), you will reach a point when you realize that you should have and the money you might have saved at the beginning could turn into a new, tremendous cost to fix that decision.
  • You never know what’s going to stick.
  • Creating a Facebook Page is not a marketing plan.
  • Paying for marketing services with any marketer is not a guarantee of success.
  • There are no rules.

Yes, you can do your own marketing. You can do it yourself. Anyone can. In fact, with every website we build, we give you the actual tools you need to get started. The bottom line is this:

You’ve registered the perfect domain name, you’ve even got the matching username for the appropriate social media channels, you’ve built a great website that may even show up at “the top of Google”. You’ve spent the time and the money, now, who knows about you or your business? No one. That is, not until you bring it to market. Marketing.

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