YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

If you are looking to increase YouTube views, or bring visitors to your website to showcase your products in a way that is both ethical and targeted, this is it!

The following outlines the cost and process from A to Z for the execution of a YouTube “Pre-Roll” video marketing plan. A “Pre-Roll” video is a video that plays before another video on YouTube (the ones where you usually see the “Skip As” button displayed). The end result of this method is an ethical, targeted increase in video views with a call to action method included, thus enabling you to promote not only your video, but a secondary asset as well (your website, a single, an album, etc.). This is our completely revamped method, now with lower pricing. A form is included at the bottom of this page for you to provide us with some preliminary information that we will need. If any questions arise, please feel free to email us at or contact us through our website.

NOTE: Numbers in parentheses refer to our touchpoints estimating system.

Pre-Roll Video Ad: Phase 1

Duration: 4 Weeks

  1. Determination of Objective / Initial Consultation (1)
  2. Determine Management Umbrella
    1. Obtain Management Access to Google/YouTube/AdWords Account(s) (2)
    2. Use JensenWorks Google/YouTube and AdWords Account (1)
  3. Determine Pre-Roll Presentation Format
    1. Prepare Call to Action Cut (10/15-seconds)
    2. Use Official Video (1)
  4. Add Call to Action Annotations to Official Video (1)
  5. Create Campaign
    • Determine Budget/Day (Paid to Google) (1)
    • Determine Physical Locations to Include or Exclude (1)
    • Set Campaign Start and End Date (1)
  6. Create Ad Group
    • Enter Official or Pre-Roll Cut Address (1)
    • Determine Maximum CPV (1)
    • Enter Display URL (1)
    • Enter Final URL (1)
    • Companion Banner
      • Auto-generated (0)
      • Custom (1)
    • Set Ad Name (1)
  7. Link Account (1)
  8. Commence Run (1)
  9. Daily Review/Adjust (1/week)
  10. Weekly Review/Adjust (1/week)

Cost: $575-$600 + Cost to Prepare Call to Action Cut if Applicable
(excludes cost paid to Google AdWords. Estimate at approximately $0.01 per view)

Typical Phase 1 Estimate

All Phase 1 Items: $600.00
15-sec Call to Action Cut: $250.00
50,000 Views: $500.00
Sub Total: $1,350.00
GST: $67.50
Grand Total: $1,417.50

NOTE: As with all marketing strategies, it is important to note that although rare, sometimes unforeseeable things happen (a copyright claim is filed, an unexpected hurdle is encountered, such as a misconfigured YouTube Channel, etc.) If these are encountered, you will be advised, but trust that we remain fair and committed to our policies which protect you from ballooning, unexpected costs. Also, a target can be reached at any time – within a month, within a week, within a day (if you go viral) and if/when this happens we will halt advertising to prevent further costs to Google and of the prepaid amount paid to us, any /week amounts can be refunded to you or remain on account as a credit towards future marketing. Please be aware, as well that if your target is 50,000 Views, although we do request payment for costs covered of up to $0.01 per view up front, some views will come naturally and some views may cost more than $0.01. Determination of these factors is made during the daily and weekly reviews, at which time you are advised and the decision is yours as to whether or not to adjust accordingly or stay the course.

Pre-Roll: Phase 2 (if applicable)

Duration: Determined Case-by-Case

  1. Previous Month Review (1)
  2. Consultation to Determine Phase 2 Strategy (1)

Cost: $50
(excludes cost paid to Google AdWords for continued advertising)

Typical Phase 2 Estimate

All Phase 2 Items: $50.00
Sub Total: $50.00
GST: $2.50
Grand Total: $52.50

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