Maxogram Brand Guidelines

Maxogram Brand Guidelines

NOTE: All Maxogram graphic assets and colours are intended for use on dark backgrounds.

Maxogram Brand Colors

Hex: #1a1a1a
R: 26
G: 26
B: 26

Blue (Sky Blue):
Hex: #00ccff (#ocf)
R: 0
G: 204
B: 255

Green (Chartreuse):
Hex: #99ff00 (#9f0)
R: 153
G: 255
B: 0

Maxogram Brand Graphic Assets

Each of the following .zip file downloads contains .cdr, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd, and .png format versions of each element.

Maxogram Brand Terminology

Maxogram as a Noun
When the word Maxogram appears in a sentence as a noun, it should only ever be represented with the first letter capitalized.
Example: You should get a Maxogram.

Maxogram as a Verb
When the word Maxogram appears in a sentence as a verb, it should always be in lowercase.
Example: You should maxogram your business card.

The word Maxogram or maxogram, when written, should never be colourized. They should only ever appear in either black, official grey or white text. The “o” in Maxogram and maxogram should only ever appear in colour when seen in wordmark format.

The domain name is with NO “www”. It should never be shown as under any circumstances.

If in doubt, please ask.