What is Happening Right Now?

8:46 Initiated Another Run of IWP Updates
8:45 Finished Iced Tea Stand Tear Down, Meeting with TB, Meeting with CB, Follow up with BD, Dinner, Kids to Bed, etc.
6:15 Initiated Envato Password Reset
6:14 Finished Helping Cali, Chase and Gabe
5:59 Finished Helping Cali
5:58 Finished CMA Update
5:51 Finished Setting Up FG Email Forwards
5:48 Finished Helping Chase and Cali
5:42 Initiated Another Run of IWP Updates
5:41 Finished Helping Chase and Cali
5:28 Finished Consoling and Bandaging Chase After a Fall
4:54 Initiated Another Run of IWP Updates
4:53 Completed Review of Latest OmniRom Xoom Updates for Compatibility Update
4:50 Finished 12:30 Meeting, 1:15 Follow Up, Making Lunch, Making More Iced Tea and Props for Iced Tea Stand
12:37 Prepared for Skype Meeting
12:09 Finished Getting Everything Ready for Iced Tea Stand
11:30 Answered email from M.E.
11:25 Checking Email / Archiving
11:25 Finished More Home Admin
10:54 Finished PC Online Banking / Email Spam Fix
10:41 Checking Email / Archiving
—– Helping the Kids / Scavenger Hunt /Dishes
9:29 Checking Email / Archiving
9:26 Update Posting 101
9:22 Check Tweetdeck
9:21 Checking Email / Archiving
8:48 Help Chase, Cali, Clean the House, Make Breakfast
8:46 Complete Infinity Key Writing
8:45 Help Chase
8:44 Start Infinity Key Writing
8:43 Help Chase
8:42 Help Cali
8:41 Checking Spam
8:15 Checking Email / Archiving