Our Pick for Super Bowl XLVIII

Yes, the game may be over, but it has taken some time to digest all of that (mostly) cleverness that is “The Super Bowl Ads”. We’ve watched them all and our fave has to be the following. Perhaps it’s nostalgia only applicable to someone of our (my) age demographic, but be that as it may, this was the one that got our vote for best ad in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Why? With a list of such notable icons as Ponch from CHiPS (Erik Estrada), Cliff Clavin from Cheers (John Ratzenberger), Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter from the WWE (nee WWF/World Wrestling Federation), Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, ALF, Chucky, Jason, Kid ‘N Play, Mary Lou Retton, Teen Wolf (not Michael J. Fox though), the California Raisins, Qbert, Slimer from Ghostbusters and a DeLorean reminiscent of Back to the Future (still no Michael J. Fox though) and EVEN the guy who wore the outfit that all you could see were his muscles (who was that guy, anyway?) and others that we don’t even recognize, it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to watch, re-watch and later, when you have a minute watch again with that much throwback goodness to consume.

If, of course, you grew up in the 80’s and had a firsthand knowledge of these things.