Security Update

A few days ago, a standard security update was released and we updated to it within minutes as usual. A few minutes later an updated version of that same update was released and we attempted to update to that one immediately as well. Unfortunately we weren’t able to. But everything has been updated now and all is well. We only mention it in case you noticed an enduring plugin update that took more than a few minutes to go away, because hey, usually they are!

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that if you had noticed a delay in plugin updates on your websites over the last few days, this was due to a 2-point security update on the admin-side of our management system (the tool that we use to roll out updates to all sites all at once almost instantly upon release). When updating after the FIRST point, we lost our connection to all sites via this admin tool! The SECOND point update addressed this, but it was too late because we were too quick to update when the FIRST point update was made available! Go figure. Thus, we had to go through the very time consuming process of restoring the connection between our admin tool and each website individually. This process is now complete and as far as we can see (which is quite far actually) it appears all sites, plugins, themes, cores, etc. are all 100% updated as of a moment ago.

As always, we invite you to ask any questions if you have any.

Thank you.