Google Ads Advertising

Google AdsYes, you can run Google As and you can learn how to do it. We will show you how! Alternatively, we would be happy to manage the process for you. Where some will simply create an ad or two and run with it, when you hire JensenWorks Technology to manage your Google Ads, we do all of the following:

  • Work With You to Set Your Goals & Objectives
  • Take Your Information & Input Into Account
  • Develop Initial Ads & Keywords
  • Set Initial Targeting Parameters
  • Set Initial Budget Parameters
  • Test Chosen Keyword Searches
  • Look at Competing Advertisers’ Ads
  • Develop Additional Ads & Keywords
  • Frequently Monitor Budget
  • Frequently Monitor Your Ad Performance
  • Focus On Ads That Perform Well
  • Focus On Keywords That Perform Well
  • Remove Poor Performing & Irrelevant Keywords
  • Take Opportunities & Suggestions by Google Ads into Account
  • Develop Additional Ads
  • Add Additional Keywords
  • Keep You Apprised of Ad Performance & Costs
  • Track Clicks That Convert to Sales

You pay only for the costs incurred from Google, plus our accumulated time. Over the course of any given month, in some sessions we may spend a few minutes, in others we may spend up to 30 minutes, but each session is timed and recorded in our time tracking system and you are only charged for the total accumulated time spent. No excess time is ever spent and you can set a limit to what you want to invest on a monthly basis.

However you want to do Google Ads advertising, whether you want a little help, or a lot, we can help. Contact us and let’s get started today!