Why is social media marketing important for any business?

Nowadays, it is just not enough to simply have a website for your business. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have really come to the fore as a relatively easy and cost-effective way to get to where the people (your customers) are and get your business in front of their eyes. At the very least, know this: your competition is on (and using) social media. You should be too.

Although these may not apply to all businesses, here are some of the main reasons that social media marketing should be a part of the overall marketing strategy of any business:

  1. Top of Mind Marketing
    Remind your customers you are there. A simple post may not get any engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) but by simply being there, it is assured of one thing: being seen. Getting your name, your logo, your brand into the social stream gives your business a chance to remind people that you are there.
  2. Customer Engagement
    When people do engage with your post by liking it, commenting on it or sharing it, you have effectively “engaged” the person or people who saw it and engagement increases your credibility (Yay! You’re worth talking to!) but more importantly, it opens a door to engage back (like or reply to their comment) and they go beyond feeling like simply a customer or client. This is how you develop a relationship with your customers. Remember too, not everyone who sees it will comment, but often people will see how you engage with your customers and it’s meaningful to them.
  3. Real Time Engagement
    Used social media to get into the fray on a discussion about the Oscars? For things like this, where there are enormous numbers of people getting involved in these BIG conversations, it can be very rewarding for you as a business to be a part of those conversations with your loyal followers. Interacting with your customers “as it happens” is one way a lot of businesses have opened the door to new business by way of exposing themselves to new prospects – all just by joining the conversation.
  4. Marketing Boost
    Sales or appointment bookings falling short? A quick boost is possibly one post away! From Flash Sales to Limited Time Coupon Codes, there are a lot of ways to ensure an almost instant sales boost using social media.
  5. Valuable Feedback
    Maybe there are adjustments you can make in your business that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Customers, followers, prospective customers, these are all great sources of valuable feedback and often social media is the platform of choice to let you know about it. Maybe something you describe on your website is confusing for some people. Maybe your hours on your Google Business Page is not accurate. Social media opens the door to allowing people from outside your business help you.
  6. Competition Awareness
    Why IS that guy who does the same thing as I do so successful? We do the same thing! Honestly, it’s social media. Well, specifically it is marketing, but it is most often marketing via social media that delivers it.
  7. New Customers
    Customer acquisition by way of existing customers sharing your posts, promoting your awesome service, etc. is a great way to passively acquire new customers. Throw in a referral system and now you’ve just given every customer you have already a reason to promote you. Affiliate or referral systems aren’t for everyone, but even a short run campaign once in a while doesn’t hurt.
  8. It’s Free
    Well, it can be. There are also ways to bolster your efforts for a few bucks here and there. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, these are all now very affordable, effective ways of boosting the number of eyes seeing your ad or promotion to leagues beyond what your current follower reach may be.
  9. Potential Virality
    Rare? Yes. Possible to engineer? Maybe. But the bottom line is, it does happen. Social media success has been birthed thousands and thousands of times from the age old “right place, right time” adage – well, the new millenium’s version of it, which is “right post, right time”. It can happen. The engineering efforts tend to land definitively past the usual low number engagement and end up somewhere in the pre-viral stage, but most often stop there. Pure luck is most often what will tip something over the edge to full viral sensation status.
  10. Ability to Compete Against “The Big Boys”
    Maybe your business is small. Maybe your business is new. But you know your business is good. You are good at what you do. All you need is exposure and you can take a section of that bigger piece of pie, or in some cases, make a whole new pie (that others will come by and try to take a piece of) but even on a limited budget, with limited time and limited ability businesses and people have been able to rise up to “big boy” status on their own and achieve success – almost exclusively as a result of social media.

At the very least, social media marketing will help drive traffic to your site and increase brand awareness. That’s a huge part of web PR in and of itself, and is an outcome anyone would be happy with. Have questions about how to get started? Contact us, and we’ll help get you started on the right path.

The problem is: Most people, most businesses get EXCITED about the possibilities, they can FEEL their social media future starting to ACTUALLY make sense! They’re going to take the bull by the horns! They’re going to DO THIS! Then, a year goes by and they realize that they haven’t posted anything, or they focused on one platform, but none of the others. The excitement they felt a year prior is but a memory and they think about packing it in. Most often this is because they know WHY they should do it, they even know WHAT to do, but they don’t know WHERE to start or even HOW to do it.

At JensenWorks, we have empowered each and every one of our clients with the WHY, WHAT, WHERE, and HOW – and we still see the struggle that people endure trying to get all the way from EXCITED … to “POST NUMBER ONE!”

The truth is: You don’t need to post a TON on social media to see the results. You just need to post SOMETHING. You need to be consistent. As it turns out, there is a solution to this.

The solution is: There are at least 26 things that can be posted that cover one year’s worth of social media postings. That’s an average of 1 post every two weeks. This may not seem like a lot, but it is a lot more than 0 posts every year. Still, many will struggle to create these 26 posts.

As such, we are currently working on an introductory system that will allow you as a business owner to basically “sign up” and get a year’s worth of social media posting at a fixed cost (with the option of some add on features and customization possibilities for an additional cost) but with this system you can essentially set it and forget it. You sign up and we take care of the rest. More details about this will be available soon, but if you are interested, we would love to put you on our list of people to contact once it is available. You can do so using the form below.

We look forward to seeing yours and many other businesses start to see the possibilities that real marketing, even if it is just an intro to it, can bring!

Please Note: This service will be exclusive to clients of JensenWorks only. Thank you for your understanding.