Stephen Cipes

Updated List of Projects on the Go

  1. Lavana Fox “Healing/Spiritual/New Age Library LISTS and LABELS
  2. All One Era Manuscript Cover
  3. Van Wrap
  4. Shelf Talkers
  5. ($2,500)
  6. Declaration Re-write
  7. Lawn Signs Design
  8. Summerhill To Go App Construction
  9. Photo Permission
  10. Table Talkers
  12. Labels: General
  13. NewsLine360: Paused
  14. Outstanding Invoices
  15. Ambassador’s Program Online
  16. Karat Bars Card
  17. All One Era Business Cards
  18. All One Era Logo on Summerhill Website
  19. Stephen’s Facebook
    • Does this remain in need of being addressed?
  20. Stephen’s Sent Files
    • Did River Address This?
  21. Toxicity of Wine Cedar Creek vs Summerhill
    • Unable to find. Have looked extensively.
  22. Walkthrough Video – Come Spring
  23. Elessence
    • Video
    • Labels
    • Hi-Res Photography
    • Pursue
  24. Copper
    • Cufor, as emailed
    • is not in use, but is taken
    • Pursue patent?
  25. Cancel Stephen’s Adobe InDesign Monthly
  26. Go AR Meeting with Calum
  27. Monthly Commitment

I have been trying desperately to streamline my life, including my business. As you may have seen, I have updated some of my changes for 2017. If not, I would be glad to send you a direct link for your review, but in a nutshell, I’m trying to get clear and consistent on what I do, what it’s worth, and how making these improvements, as evidenced by previous changes I’ve made will further allow me to streamline my workflow, increase productivity, and decrease stress.

Certain things come into play, however, that are difficult to track without imposing a delay, and some things require that I outlay either time, or funds, in trust, and because I .

I am confident that I have demonstrated both absolute willingness and ability in several areas to do whatever is asked of me within the scope of my particular skills. I am there for you and anyone else in the Summerhill organization who requires what I provide, typically within mere moments of being asked. When the assets and/or direction I need are actually available or “iron clad”, I am able to deliver quickly and consistently.

Unfortunately, in addition to the hours of gratis that I have tracked, such as everything I have ever done for Organic Okanagan, there are untold hours that I have not. This is a result of my desire to be committed, available, and ready to deliver on a moment’s notice whenever needed, and having done so now for 2+ years, I would respectfully request that we have an agreement. It need not be the “full time” commitment I was asked to design and presented to you and Eric in December 2015, but rather, a consistent “base”, from which I can account, whether +/- when calculating actual totals, with an arbitrary, non-accounted amount, to cover at least some of the accumulated incidentals. I can tell you that on average, over the last 24 months, between my “Summerhill” and “Stephen Cipes” accounts, I have averaged about $1,500 per month in billed time and/or reimbursements. Perhaps we can use this as a starting point to determine what a consistent, monthly commitment might be moving forward, bearing in mind that there are presently (a) outstanding amounts owing, approved to be paid as of 3 weeks ago, that have not yet been paid, and (b) outstanding invoices to be completed, covering work completed since the beginning of November 2016.

To be EXTRA SUPER DUPER clear: I remain INCREDIBLY grateful for EVERYTHING – most importantly your friendship, and would not want ANYTHING to jeopardize that relationship. I am merely standing up for myself, my needs, the needs of my family, and streamlining across the board with everyone I have the pleasure of working with.

Previous List of Projects on the Go

  1. Direct Marketing (What About Online Only for Now?)
  2. G r a c i e A c k e r m a n
  3. Summerhill Coffee To Go
  4. Marketing Ideas for All One Era
  5. Mystical Pyramid Wine
  6. New Labels with Video for Cipes
  7. New Labels with Video using Front Door
  8. New Logo for New Products being developed with Rheece
  9. New Launch Images for Self-Guided Tour (I have a LOT of other input on this as well that I think would turn it into an actual attraction for people with minimal effort)
  10. Social Media Marketing
  11. Brand Review (a request from Ezra prior to his recent trip to Portland – maybe he has changed his mind since, per his recent email)
  12. All One Era Book Publishing
  13. The “Stephen Cipes” website and social media assets
  14. Continued All One Era website updates
  15. Your Summerhill / All One Era Business Cards / Summerhill Business Cards in General, bringing them to life with video
  16. Updating the Summerhill Story / Cipes Family Story Video as Discussed
  17. Organic Okanagan
  18. Gatherings
  19. Bistro Table Talkers Brought to Life with Video
  20. Special “Digital Tasting” Event (as proposed by Eric a couple of months ago)
  21. All One Era Karat Bars Card
  22. Integrating Dr. Lee’s AR videos into existing Summerhill Tour
  23. Bringing Images in the All One Era manuscript to life
  24. Addition of Valerie Hunt Promotional Piece to be brought to life
  25. Farmer’s Market / Mobile / Event Sales (I have ideas about this)
  26. Promoting workspace in new building
  27. Move HostGator Domains to JensenWorks Domain Account
  28. Plus I have about a million other ideas of things I would love to do:
    1. Worldwide, available anytime Virtual Reality Tours (You’ve gotta see this! Another first for wineries, for SURE.) (Possibly a virtual concierge too.)
    2. Augmented Reality in the Bistro (SEE the food before you order it.)
    3. And more, but I will leave it at that for now.

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