Summerhill / Stephen Cipes / Stephen & Stephen Invoices and Time Logs

Invoices & Time Logs


  1. Ambassador’s Program $0.00 (3.065 hours credit) (complete)
  2. 25th Anniversary (Cards) $110.88 (complete)
  3. Augmented Reality Self-Guided Tour $557.93 (complete)
  4. Farmer’s Market $702.83 (complete)
  5. Thanksgiving $38.49 (complete)
  6. BC Wine Awards $1,575 → $0.00 (complete)
  7. Newsline360 $159.27 (ongoing)
  8. Summerhill (General) $4,076.84 (complete)
  9. Summerhill (New) $3,302.15 (complete)
  10. Summerhill (Menus) $418.95 (complete)
    Gratis Recorded: $1,575.00
    Expense Reimbursements: $372.54
    Hourly Earnings: $8,994.80
    Total: $9,367.34

Stephen Cipes

  1. All One Era (Various) $1,830.85 (complete)
  2. Chieftain Gallery $436.96 (not complete)
  3. Organic Okanagan $1,104.30 → $0.00 (complete)
  4. $219.87 (ongoing)
    Gratis Recorded: $1,104.30
    Expense Reimbursements: $41.99
    Hourly Earnings: $2,445.69
    Total: $2,487.68

Stephen & Stephen

  1. Stephen & Stephen $382.57 (ongoing)
    Expense Reimbursements: $20.10
    Hourly Earnings: $362.47
    Total: $382.57

Total Period Covered: 6 months, 3 days
Total Hours: 246.196
Avg. Hours / Month: 41
Total Gratis Recorded: $2,679.3
Total Expense Reimbursements: $434.63
Total Hourly Earnings: $11,802.96
Avg. Hourly Earnings / Month: $1,967.16
Avg. Hourly Rate: $47.94

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  • While I make every effort to track and document what I do as concisely and clearly as possible, I do understand that there is always a possibility of mistake. If you see anything that you would like me to take a second look at, by all means, please say so.
  • Further to the above, I will say that there may be some inadvertent overlap, i.e. time on “Ambassador’s Program” task may have been attributed to the “Summerhill General” task inadvertently and vice versa. I am confident that anything like that would either balance out or be virtually immeasurable to the point that it may not even be worth the time to investigate. I would rather adjust – no questions asked – if you so choose.
  • Certain things I do are of my own accord, and for these I never charge. I do them because I want to.
  • I am aware that you have been generous with me, not only in business dealings, but personally as well, and I remain as cognizant of this as ever when considering how precise I should be in ensuring that I cover absolutely every little thing ever done. While it’s good to have the record (maybe), I feel better about keeping it off the record and off the invoice, if you know what I mean.
  • As always, I try to remain fair and reasonable on all fronts.
  • As always, the no questions asked policy, as seen at applies:
    “We have a “no questions asked” policy when it comes to billing. If you feel that we have charged too much (or too little!) for anything, simply let us know and we will adjust accordingly – no questions asked!”
    That, and though I do my best to track what I do bill for and outline it clearly via Invoices and Time Logs, there is always a chance that I could make a mistake and if that happens I am more than willing to adjust accordingly