Ambassador’s Program

Ambassador’s Program

Period: 5/16/2016 – 10/28/2016 (5 months, 12 days)


The originally estimated time to complete was 150 hours. At $100 / hour this would have been $15,000. However, as agreed, I offered to do this at a reduced rate of $35 per hour. Also, as the course of action changed, so did the estimated time, by 50%! I was prepaid the initial 50% up front and twice returned the balance payment. Now, as it stands, no balance is owing. In fact there is a credit of 3.065 hours of time.


Invoice #678

Time Log

Time Log #588 (PDF)


Recorded Hours: 71.935 @ $35 /hour
Invoice:  $2,756.25
Paid: $2,756.25
Balance:  $0.00
Credit: 3.065 hours