Website Getting Hit By Bots a Lot? Try This!

One of the things you will get to know and appreciate about JensenWorks Technology is that we remain on the cutting edge, especially when it comes to making things more efficient. Whenever an improvement comes along that should be rolled out to improve things for everyone, we do so. We don’t usually even tell you about it. In fact, we probably manage an average of 10-15 updates a day, every day, across the board, all of which happen behind-the-scenes so that you can stay focused on your business and not worry about your website.

On that note, for anyone who has a “captcha” or a “reCaptcha” on their website, please note that we will be upgrading everyone to the new-and-improved version as illustrated by the following video:

If you have experienced being hit by relentless spammers using your website’s form(s) to send you messages that you don’t want, need or care about – and just get in the way of the good, quality messages and leads you receive – you will know how quickly and efficiently using a “captcha” can help. If you don’t currently have a problem with this, but do in the future, please remember that you can contact us anytime to get you set up. If you’re a client of JensenWorks Technology and are being hit by bots or spammers, we implement solutions at no extra charge as part of our commitment to providing and maintaining the best quality websites you can get.