Why JensenWorks

While it’s true that we build WordPress websites like so many others, there are some extremely key differences between what we do vs. what the other guys do. Here is a list of some of those key components that ensure your website remains up-to-date, secure and fast:

  1. 100% Transparency + 100% Integrity
    This is not a feature of the websites we build per se, but it is a key component of our process. We will answer any question at any time, we will always answer the phone or reply to a text or an email – usually within mere minutes – and we will gladly show you how anything works or how to set anything up that you would like to set up. We are first and foremost committed to these things, which makes the experience infinitely better for everyone.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Although a full scale, monitored and maintained search engine optimization (seo) strategy is not included by default, an initial strategy is implemented at the time of building the website. In most cases, this is sufficient for new websites and a full scale, monitored and maintained SEO strategy can be implemented at any time after the fact as well.
  3. Responsive Design
    Every website we build is designed to perform as well on a 4″ smartphone screen as it does on a 60″ screen, whether in portrait mode or landscape mode.
  4. Managed + Automatic Core Updates
    We set all of our websites to automatically self-update their core system by themselves, however, in instances where the automatic update doesn’t happen for some reason, we know about it and we ensure that the update is completed manually.
  5. Managed Daily Theme Updates
    While theme updates aren’t available every day, but we still check every day of the week for available updates on all of our websites and update accordingly.
  6. Child Theme Usage
    This allows us to fine tune your custom website in any way imaginable, without fear of damaging the parent theme during one of the aforementioned theme updates.
  7. Managed Daily Plugin Updates
    As with theme updates, plugin updates aren’t available every day, but as we do with themes, we check for updates every day of the week and update accordingly.
  8. Automatic Image Optimization
    Automatic lossless image optimization is key to ensuring the fastest load time for your website. We incorporate a tool that handles this process automatically.
  9. CDN (Content Delivery Network)
    Although we run all of our websites on an industry grade server, there are still limits to how much ANY web server can handle. It is for this reason that we employ a dual CDN (Content Delivery Network) system covering not only the images on your website, but the entire website itself, ensuring maximum speed and 99.9% guaranteed availability.
  10. Two-Factor Authentication
    To ensure that the person logging in is really YOU and not just someone who knows the username and password to login, we include Two-Factor Authentication on every website, which means, even if a would be intruder happens to guess your non-traditional administrator username and your very strong password AND enter the CAPTCHA code successfully, they STILL have to send an authorization request to YOUR personal device (phone or tablet) which allows you to approve the login.
  11. Strong Administrator Passwords
    For administrator passwords we employ password length, uppercase, lowercase, letters, numbers and symbols to ensure maximum security.
  12. Login Attempt Limiting
    Knowing that they may never get in still doesn’t seem to prevent some people from trying, repeatedly! Not only is this a nuisance, but can have a slightly adverse affect on performance. To thwart this, we limit the number of attempts that one may make to try to access the administrator dashboard and lock them out accordingly for a pre-determined amount of time before allowing them to even try again.
  13. CAPTCHA on Login
    By adding this one seemingly small aspect to the administrator login form, we can visibly SEE a nearly 99% drop in breach attempts. A small inconvenience for you when you need to log in, but a huge increase to maximizing the security and speed of your website.
  14. Non-Traditional Admin Username
    Although not IMPOSSIBLE to figure out, nor as secure as the password, we avoid and prevent usage of the username admin, administrator, etc. as these are the ones most often used by would be intruders.
  15. Change Detection Monitoring
    We don’t all visit our own websites every day of the week, and for some it would be impossible considering how many sites they manage (like us), so we utilize real time monitoring on mission critical websites and daily change detection monitoring on non-mission critical websites. In almost all cases, we know about the changes even you have made to your website, before you do! Well, not that quickly, but it is quick. The idea is, if we receive a change detection notification, we can immediately inspect the change and should anything untoward be present, take the appropriate steps immediately.
  16. Spam Prevention and Management
    Using known block lists and black lists we have seen a 99% decrease in spam, not only in comments on posts, but in contact form completions and other interactions as well. Still, occasionally something will get through and we know about it and remove it for you.
  17. Flood Prevention
    Whether you have online enemies or not, there is often no rhyme or reason behind why someone might want to attack your website. It is for this reason that we implement flood prevention technology to effectively block anyone from accessing your website should they be deemed to be accessing in a manner and frequency not conducive to being a normal human being. We do so WITHOUT preventing known sources that could be flagged as flooders, such as Googlebot. You still want your website to be able to be indexed, right? Of course! It’s all taken care of.
  18. Clear and Detailed Invoicing
    As the title suggests, we do our best to keep the terms used in our invoices clear and simple, using plain language, but with enough detail that you know exactly what you are paying for.
  19. Detailed Time and Development Tracking
    Aside from flat rate services, when we are working on your website, by the hour, we run a timer which keeps track of the dates and times spent on your project specifically and which allows us to make a note of what was done during that time.
  20. Supplemental Invoice Backup Documentation Available
    We encourage everyone to be thorough and diligent with the invoices received from us, which is why, if you find anything you would like to question, or would like to review our recorded time logs for any period (perhaps you would like to compare them to your own records), we are happy to provide this documentation upon request at any time.
  21. Private Video Tutorials Using Your Site
    Knowing how to do something in principle and actually seeing it done and having it explained to you in clear and simple terms are two very different things. This is why, when it comes to managing your website, you are given an introductory video tutorial using your website, with us showing you exactly what to do on your own website. What’s more is that this tutorial is available to you anytime, so if you ever forget, you need only refer back to the tutorial for a quick refresher. For anything not covered by our video tutorials, you need only say the word, let us know what you would like to know how to do and almost like magic, a tutorial will be provided.
  22. Detailed Traffic Stats
    Through a single plugin, we are able to provide detailed traffic stats, including number of pages viewed, number of unique visitors, most popular posts and pages, and more.

As you can hopefully see, at JensenWorks, we are pre-emptive and cutting edge in every single area, ensuring that anything you might be thinking about, we have available.